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broken spring repair

Anytime you think of inspecting or fixing your torsion spring always contact Hauppauge garage door repair to enjoy fast, guaranteed and long lasting solutions. The problem with most of door maintenance technicians in Hauppauge is that they will hurriedly fix a problem without giving a thought to the cause of the problem thus the problem reoccur within two or three months leading to more expenses. This is especially the case with broken spring and you may end up frustrated or paying the cost of a new door through purchasing of new torsion spring. If repair costs in a single year exceed the cost of a new door installation then there is a problem with the way repair is being carried out or the door is old enough to be replaced. Technicians at Hauppauge door repair examines deeply the cause of a broken spring and try to prevent it to avoid faster breaking of the newly installed spring. There are three possible causes of a broken spring which are:

  • Overloading- If the spring is weak to support the weight of the garage door it will break due to overloading and should be replaced with a stronger spring.
  • Rust- If the spring is not grease or oiled regularly it may break as a result of rusting.
  • Wear and tear- Normal use of the door causes wear and tear on the spring causing it to eventually break. Contact us today to permanently deal with such causes.